Good Things Come to Those That Wait

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Good things come to those that wait. This is especially true for fans of OCMCO.  The OCMCO experience that was once only available at the Segerstom Concert Hall can now be enjoyed in your home, your car or just about anywhere.  The OCMCO premiere CD, That Easter Morn, was released in December 2009 and could initially be purchased only at the concerts themselves.  Now it is easier than ever to get the whole CD, or just your favorite songs.  Below is a list of places you can find That Easter Morn.

OCMCO Store (

    Order one or more copies of That Easter Morn directly from OCMCO. 

 CDBaby (

    Order the CD for shipping or simply download the entire album or favorite songs.

iTunes (

   Download the entire album or just your favorite songs.  Make sure to leave a review.

 Local Bookstore

    The CD is also available in a variety of local LDS bookstores.  A quick list includes:

        The Bookport

        Ensign Books

Of course the CDs will be available at the June concert at Segerstom.  We’ll add permanent links to our sidebar as well for easy access and will publish updates as new channels open up.

PS.  Some have commented that we are  bit out of season for an “Easter” CD.  It is true that “Easter” is in the CD’s title, but overall this is a CD about Christ, Rebirth, Love and all that is good about Easter.  These things are definitely not limited to one time of year.  If anything we can all use more frequent reminders of the majesty and glory that Easter represents throughout the year.  Don’t be distracted by the calendar, we promise the music will touch hearts and brighten smiles all year long.


Absolutely Magical

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We’ll first beg for a little forgiveness that it has taken so long to blog about the performance.  Time has literally flown since the beginning of April and it was honestly a little overwhelming to try to document the performance experience so soon after living it. 

The choir’s experience really began on Tuesday, March 30th.  This was our first full run-through and the first time we would be hearing and singing with the soloists.  It was also the first time to hear the oratorio in the magnificent Segertrom Concert Hall.  The rehearsal was relatively straight forward, but for many it was finally sinking in that they were going to participate in something truly great.  It’s not a secret that the choir added many singers to its ranks to give Messiah in America the proper heft.  For these new OCMCO members the sheer acoustic perfection of Segerstrom was breathtaking.  Add the explosive dynamics of the orchestra, the full impact of the music and the grace and wonder of the soloists.   And so the excitement began to build. 

On Wednesday (March 31st) the choir arrived at 4:00pm to prepare.  Small groups rehearsed sections of songs.  Conversations quietly buzzed.  The directors delivered last-minute instructions and advice.  And we waited.   The Youth Ensembles went first this concert so the Adult Choir waited, but not too long.  And then we were on.  And then performance one was over.  It’s amazing how quickly ninety minutes can pass.  And… repeat for performance two. 

There are hundreds of small moments that could be reported here, but we have no space and we would miss hundreds more.  One of rules as performers is that you have to stay a little above the emotions of the moment.  You can’t have two hundred singers choked up because the soprano solo was so beautiful.  That was an impossible task for this concert.  Tens of thousands of hours of effort, sweat and tears poured into one night.  Our hearts swelled, our spirits soared and a few sweet tears snuck out.  Such was the magic wrought by Brett Stewarts’ “Messiah in America”.

World Premiere – “Messiah in America”

Posted in Messiah in America on March 18, 2010 by Jon Titel

This blog will obviously have a hard time being objective about the works produced by OCMCO.  The quality of the orchestra, the choirs and foremost the directors continues to be outstanding and the most common comment heard from those that experience an OCMCO performance for the first time is “I had no idea…”.  As we approach the world premiere of “Messiah in America” it’s helpful to put in context what “world premiere” means.  In our general pop culture world premieres are often diluted by prescreenings, critical reviews, trailers and other methods of marketing the latest movie, play or album.  Obviously this was not the case as classical productions were unveiled thoughout history, nor has it been the case with “Messiah in America”.  With the exception of the choirs, orchestra and a few volunteers  no one knows what to expect on March 31st.  We have the excitement of the participants, the testimonies of those involved and the reputation from past performances to set some expectations, but the reality is that on March 31st “Messiah in America” will literally explode into existence as a musical masterpiece.  The combination of inspired music and sacred text will provide an unforgettable experience.  History will determine if Brett Stewart gets to stand with the Masters, but for now, on March 31st, each of us has an opportunity to experience something rare and precious, the world premiere of a classical masterpiece.  Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.  We’ve added the Performing Arts Center link for tickets to the links section for ease or visit  Below are the world premieres of some well known works as a reference points.

    Handels’ Messiah – April 13, 1742

    Mozart – Don Giovani – October 27, 1787

    Beethoven – Symphony No. 9 – May 7, 1824


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