Absolutely Magical

We’ll first beg for a little forgiveness that it has taken so long to blog about the performance.  Time has literally flown since the beginning of April and it was honestly a little overwhelming to try to document the performance experience so soon after living it. 

The choir’s experience really began on Tuesday, March 30th.  This was our first full run-through and the first time we would be hearing and singing with the soloists.  It was also the first time to hear the oratorio in the magnificent Segertrom Concert Hall.  The rehearsal was relatively straight forward, but for many it was finally sinking in that they were going to participate in something truly great.  It’s not a secret that the choir added many singers to its ranks to give Messiah in America the proper heft.  For these new OCMCO members the sheer acoustic perfection of Segerstrom was breathtaking.  Add the explosive dynamics of the orchestra, the full impact of the music and the grace and wonder of the soloists.   And so the excitement began to build. 

On Wednesday (March 31st) the choir arrived at 4:00pm to prepare.  Small groups rehearsed sections of songs.  Conversations quietly buzzed.  The directors delivered last-minute instructions and advice.  And we waited.   The Youth Ensembles went first this concert so the Adult Choir waited, but not too long.  And then we were on.  And then performance one was over.  It’s amazing how quickly ninety minutes can pass.  And… repeat for performance two. 

There are hundreds of small moments that could be reported here, but we have no space and we would miss hundreds more.  One of rules as performers is that you have to stay a little above the emotions of the moment.  You can’t have two hundred singers choked up because the soprano solo was so beautiful.  That was an impossible task for this concert.  Tens of thousands of hours of effort, sweat and tears poured into one night.  Our hearts swelled, our spirits soared and a few sweet tears snuck out.  Such was the magic wrought by Brett Stewarts’ “Messiah in America”.


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