Good Things Come to Those That Wait

Good things come to those that wait. This is especially true for fans of OCMCO.  The OCMCO experience that was once only available at the Segerstom Concert Hall can now be enjoyed in your home, your car or just about anywhere.  The OCMCO premiere CD, That Easter Morn, was released in December 2009 and could initially be purchased only at the concerts themselves.  Now it is easier than ever to get the whole CD, or just your favorite songs.  Below is a list of places you can find That Easter Morn.

OCMCO Store (

    Order one or more copies of That Easter Morn directly from OCMCO. 

 CDBaby (

    Order the CD for shipping or simply download the entire album or favorite songs.

iTunes (

   Download the entire album or just your favorite songs.  Make sure to leave a review.

 Local Bookstore

    The CD is also available in a variety of local LDS bookstores.  A quick list includes:

        The Bookport

        Ensign Books

Of course the CDs will be available at the June concert at Segerstom.  We’ll add permanent links to our sidebar as well for easy access and will publish updates as new channels open up.

PS.  Some have commented that we are  bit out of season for an “Easter” CD.  It is true that “Easter” is in the CD’s title, but overall this is a CD about Christ, Rebirth, Love and all that is good about Easter.  These things are definitely not limited to one time of year.  If anything we can all use more frequent reminders of the majesty and glory that Easter represents throughout the year.  Don’t be distracted by the calendar, we promise the music will touch hearts and brighten smiles all year long.


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